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County Store

First-time visitors are often surprised at the extensive country store we offer. Open year-round, Twin Orchards truly offers a one-stop shop with a wide variety of products from apples, fruit, produce, and more.

When you visit the store, our knowledgeable staff will be there to help with any questions and with the right apple selection. A visit to the store allows customers to try any variety of apple they want.

Even when the store is busy, someone is always available to provide a sample and, in fact, it is encouraged by the staff!

Apples taste differently as the season goes on and sometimes an apple variety is new to a customer and it will be their first time trying a certain kind of apple.

Peaches are another big seller for Twin Orchards. We are able to get actual tree ripen peaches from the Rochester area during the months of August and September.

Early August through September is the best time to buy peaches.

Holiday offerings:

When the first chill hits the air, you can expect the Twin Orchards' country store to transform with a Halloween and fall festive atmosphere, complete with pumpkins and gourds. You can order packaged apples for shipping, and fresh citrus arrives around Thanksgiving from Florida and California, just in time for holiday gift giving.

Oh! And don't forget the full line of Frontier Soups we offer when the weather starts to turn.


Twin Orchards’ top selling items:

  • Fresh Sweet Apple Cider: Twin Orchards has been making cider for several generations and know exactly which apples make the best blend.
  • Hot Cider Donuts and Utica Coffee: We start making donuts at 6 a.m. and they are so popular we're still making them after 5 p.m. These delicious treats make an amazing pair with our proudly served Utica coffee.
  • Apple Cider Slushies: A Twin Orchards creation! Huge seller! Offered April through November, this product is a real treat. Made with only in-house apple cider, it is a great treat for kids and adults.

Other local food products include:

  • Adirondack cheese
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup

Come to the store and try a new variety of apple today!